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China tour packages

Ancient dynasties with various emperors, multiple provinces with a variety of climates and terrain - the People's Republic of China is a roughly 4,000 year-old civilization with coasts on four different seas and bordering 14 different nations. The magnificent Orient is home to beautiful natural sights on both land and sea as well as world-famous manmade structures like The Great Wall of China and stunning temples. Central Holidays offers travel vacations both on land and water that will take you on culinary, spiritual and breathtaking adventures through this beautiful part of the world in Eastern Asia.
China Packages
  • Highlights of China | Travel to China
    Highlights of China
    Beijing - Shanghai - Xian
    Starting From $2099
    more details >>
  • Wonders of China | Travel to China
    Wonders of China
    Beijing - Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou
    Starting From $2049
    more details >>
  • Yangtze Delight | Travel to China
    Yangtze Delight
    Beijing - Shanghai - Yangtze River
    Starting From $2859
    more details >>
  • China Discovery | Travel to China
    China Discovery
    Beijing - Shanghai - Xian - Guilin
    Starting From $2349
    more details >>
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