A dynamic city proud of its warm and friendly people known for their traditional hospitality, Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa. It is a cosmopolitan city that blends the charm of the East with a Mediterranean flavor. It is a melting pot where antiquities of Pharaohs dynasties, Greco-Roman civilization, Christian and Islamic landmarks co-exist.

The Muqattam, a hill extending on the East bank of the Nile is home to the lofty Salah Al-Din Citadel. At its base extend hundreds of splendid mosques and Islamic monuments.

On the West bank of the Nile and on top of Giza plateau raise the colossal Pyramids and the mysterious Sphinx, two of the most glorious contributions of Pharaohs heritage.

Along the way between the Pyramids and the Citadel, appears modern Cairo with network of roads, squares, gardens, clubs, luxurious hotels, skyscrapers and Cairo Tower rising 187 meters high.

Visitors cannot miss a sunset sail on a Nile felucca to enjoy the calming and relaxing atmosphere along  the eternal River flowing gently from the South to the North.