Camel Ride at Giza Pyramids

Come discover the magic of ancient Egypt on a camel ride experience at the Giza Pyramids. On the outskirts of Cairo, you will reach the Giza Pyramid complex, an archaeological site on the Giza Plateau where Egypt’s world-famous pyramids, the Sphinx, and other mortuary temples are located. The best way to delve into the pyramid complex is on a camel ride – a fun and enlightening experience for adults and kids too. Camels and their saddle seats are adorned with colorful fabrics and jewelry in sharp contrast from monotonous sand dunes and pyramid rocks – so make sure you have your selfie-stick ready to get some great photos for sharing. As you ride your camel, you can venture into the desert and across nearby sand dunes to capture superb images of the Pyramids from a distance.

Photo Gallery