Ras Mohamed White Island Trip by Boat

At the south borderline of the city lies Ras Mohammed, an underwater nature preserves, a diver’s paradise. It has been declared as a National Park in 1983. The park contains a variety of stunning geological features, including uplifted coral reefs, alluvial plains, Wadis (valleys), granite and Sandstone Mountains and soft dunes.   Ras Mohamed is also home to many terrestrial species including foxes, gazelles, reptiles, ibexes and migratory birds such as White Storks and Raptors.  There is also a forest of Mangrove trees, which provide valuable breeding areas with habitat for both birds and fish.  This marine national park is considered to be one of the most interesting diving sites in the world, with much diversity and rich coral life, some thousand different fish species and 150 coral types

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